Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 4 (Driving...KC to Nashville)

So to spice things up on our drive from Kansas City to Nashville we decided to play the game Survivor. Unfortunately Seth didn’t make the cut, and I think Jackie’s plotting against me. Just kidding. We’re all still one big happy family. Nothing excited happened on our drive, so I figured I’d fabricate an interesting scenario. We did encounter some pretty heavy rain throughout Missouri. But by the time we hit St. Louis and started heading south, the rain had subsided and it was pretty much smooth sailing from there on out.
We’re staying in Brentwood, Tennessee, a suburb south of Nashville, and plan on doing testing in the morning at the Tennessee Titans practice facility. Hopefully the weather holds up because they’re reporting severe weather over night. This might also disrupt the testing surface. So testing on the turf might be a bust. If everything goes well it should be an interesting day of testing since, unlike most testing sites, the players will be there working out and practicing. Hopefully the players will be curious about what we’re doing and come over and check it out. It’d be nice to get some signatures on the Turf Buster. We’ll keep everyone posted.

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Anonymous said...


Sounds like ya'll ur havin' a good ol' time!

Southern drawl aside, glad the Denver testing went off without a hitch - survived day 1, 2, & 3... (only how many more to go?) Looks like the turf survived too :)

So, ... who was quarterbackin' it in Denver?

Lookin' forward to hearin' more after the Titan testing.

Later ...