Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 10 (Driving from NO to Dallas)

The drive today went smoothly. The first part of the trip had us driving through the Bayou. We drove about 120 miles over bridges through the swamps of Southern Louisiana. On our way through, we didn't see any characters that looked like the ones depicted in that Adam Sandler movie Waterboy. So we can neither confirm nor deny the portrayal of the local people that live in the Louisiana Bayou. One thing that was interesting was the fact that this was the first time in my life I’d ever seen dirt road off ramps off a major highway. That's right, DIRT ROAD off ramps. Not too safe if your going 60 mph with a 20 foot trailer.

These 8 hour days of driving seem to get easier and easier for us. I think we’re actually kind of getting used to it. But don’t get me wrong, if we had some other way of getting our testing equipment to the testing sites we’d be on the next plane going there.

We got into Dallas, TX at about 5 pm and made our way downtown to grab some dinner. Tomorrow we have our final day off before testing and making our final two days of driving. It’s crazy how much we’ve jam packed into this week and a half. But we’re still not done yet, almost though.

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