Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 7 (Driving from Atlanta, GA to New Orleans)

Today we drove from Atlanta, GA to New Orleans, LA. The drive today went really well. We left around 8 am (eastern time) and arrived in New Orleans at 3 pm (central time). So for the first time we actually arrived at the predicted time. I think it was a combination of flat terrain and experience towing the trailer.

Today I think it really hit us how far we had travelled thus far. We were passing through southern Alabama when we saw exits for Florida beaches, that’s when we realized how far away we really were from Boise. I think Florida actually is the furthest point from Boise on the continental U.S., so we’ve come a long way. But as of today, we are now more than half way done with both testing and driving. But the next several days will probably be the toughest because of how many days we’ve been going. Hopefully with our day off tomorrow we’ll be able rejuvenate and get our second wind.

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