Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 6 Pictures (Atlanta Falcons)

The trailer and van outside the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA

The countdown clock in the Georgia Dome for the Falcon's first game versus the Cults

The Turf Buster hooked up to a forklift (to ensure it didn't move during testing)

The Turf Buster on the 10 yardline on the Falcon's field

Jackie, Seth, and Ben (from left to right) with the Turf Buster on the Falcon's football field


vwjump said...

Turf Buster People ---

Just in case you are wondering if anyone is reading .... Jason and I are getting a kick out of the turf blog ... hope the bonding experience is going well and you get your second wind asap!


jobronco said...


jobronco said...


Whew... I was watching the news tonight and saw where you are close to tropical storm Edouard. Thankfully it isn't affecting New Orleans directly. Hope you had a nice restful day off and got to see some of the sights and sounds around town, and dine on some great food (I highly recommend the crayfish in those neck of the woods, as they are abundant and mighty tasty, m-m-m-m-good).

Be safe and catch ya'll later.