Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 11 (Off Day in Dallas)

So with our final day off, Seth and I decided to use our time wisely and do a bit of laundry. We had to wash some of the essentials necessary for the rest of the trip. Jackie was a bit smarter and packed accordingly. Either way we’re all going to just squeak by with enough clean clothes.

Other than that we did a bit of exploring of the city. We went to the West End of the city, which is the historic/touristy end of town, and walked around the "grassy nole" where the Kennedy assassination occurred. I’d been to the site before so I provided the expert analysis of the scene. I provided the conspiracy theories associated with assassination. I’m pretty sure I have a couple convert conspiracy theorists.

We also did a bit of souvenir shopping. Jackie got all into the Texas cowboy thing and decided to get a cowboy hat. Seth got some Texas gear as well. My weakness was the Bass Pro Shop. Jackie didn’t quiet understand why Seth and I were like kids in a candy store in there. And yes I bought stuff there. Stuff I probably don’t need NOW, but some day they’ll come in handy and I’ll thank myself then. Tomorrow is our last day of testing, then the short drive home to Boise on Friday (and by short I mean really really long). Hopefully all the testing goes off without a hitch and we make it back to Boise in one piece. Wish us luck!

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