Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 12 (Testing at Texas Stadium: Home of the Cowboys)

The last several days here in Dallas haven’t been that hot believe it or not. The last time I was in Dallas in the summer it was oppressively hot and humid. Of course today, the day we’re scheduled to test at Texas Stadium, that Texas heat I remembered came back with vengeance. Texas Stadium is a partial dome. What that means is it’s enclosed over the seating and open over the field. This translates to extremely hot sun beating down on the field [where we were] and no air circulation. Today was our fastest day of testing. We had great incentive to hustle along. Our penalty for staying around too long would have been heat stroke.

Since we finished testing early we decided to get to driving a day early. It was either have two 15 hour days or distribute that time over two and a half days. So we voted to do a bit of driving today. After getting a bit of food in our system, we hit the road again. We put in 8 hours of driving today and made it all the way to Hayes, Kansas. Not too bad. Tomorrow will be a long day since we’d like to make it through most of Wyoming.

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